Why? That's the question people keep asking me.


So many of you keep wondering why I decided to join the Peace Corps at this time in my life. Here are a few of the reasons... I want to see if I can make a difference, challenging myself is a good thing, this has been a dream for many years, all three of my children are adults now, I have no grandchildren yet, my health is good, and it's time for an adventure. 


 About Me

I'm 57 and my children are Alan (29), Andrew (26), and Abby (23). On September 19, 2015 Andrew married the love of his life Amber. I have an English Cream Golden Retriever, Izzy. I have been working as a college admissions counselor for many years and am ready to help people who have more difficult situations with which to contend.


My Peace corps site

After arriving in Namibia in April, 2015 and having 10 weeks of Pre-Service Training, I moved to Aus, Namibia and is known for its wild horses. It is in the deep south near the Namib Desert. It is 125 km from Luderitz, a quaint little town on the Atlantic Ocean, and 225 km from Keetmanshoop, a busy city with many amenities.