I've Been Here a Year!

One year ago, I stepped outside my comfort zone to move to Namibia for this 27 month stay as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It’s been an incredible ride…many ups, many downs. Here’s a small recap of some of those experiences…

The ups:

    Walking through the location (where most of the residents live in this settlement) and             hearing people yell “Allison”.

    Arriving at the school, being spotted, and then having 25 or 30 kids come running to me             for a hug…all at one time.


    Being a part of those “aha” moments when a learner understands something about HIV             that they didn’t know.

    Condom Demonstrations….I know this sounds strange but they can be so much fun!

    Pick the banana…its an energizer that I do with learners that ALWAYS leaves us                 laughing…they think I’m crazy!

    Having a learner talk with me about a serious concern, knowing that they feel                 comfortable sharing it with me.

    Watching 16 learners get their “Grassroots Soccer PC Skillz Certificates” and realizing             just how proud they and their parents were. They learned so much and want to             make a difference in the fight against HIV.

    Making a cultural mistake and realizing that everyone loves me anyway!

    Persevering through a very difficult situation until changes were made that helped this             community.


The downs:

    Riding in a combie (van) for 12 hours when it’s usually a 7 hour trip.

    Ear deafening music being played in almost every combie ride thus far. (several of you             were recipients of audio clips to share the joy).

    Hot…hot combie rides where no one will open a window. (What??)

    Never getting warm in the winter…it’s just as cold inside as outside.

    My struggles learning Afrikaans…not a talent of mine.

    The challenges of transportation and the stress that goes along with that.

    Being in a car that hits a guinea fowl, stopping to pick it up so they can cook it for dinner.

    Seeing a family cook their dog for food.

    And most importantly, missing my family and friends. 


Short but quick! More to come I promise...I've just been busy!


I don't know where I got this quote but it means a lot to me...

Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in Days.