Unfamiliar Experiences

Challenge #9 = Crazy Moments...When living abroad, unfamiliar experiences come with the territory. Tell us about it!

Snow in Africa…who’d have thought? 

A 2.9 earthquake last week…I thought the house was going to fall down, it was sooo loud. (and yes, I know that’s not a huge earthquake, but it was a new experience for me)

Boy wiping his butt with his hand after pooping outside beside a tree. (The same tree that is in the picture above!)

Teenage boy sitting on a bucket toilet while pooping in the main room of the house, not disturbed by my entering the room.

Doing condom demonstrations and making them fun!

Painting pictures and hanging them in my flat, then being asked for them by random people. And, when I give them one, they ask for two. 

Guard at Orange River checkpoint asking my black Peace Corps friend if she was sure she was from America because he didn’t think there were any blacks in America.

Eating different kinds of meats (donkey for example, as well as parts of animals I never thought I would eat). Also, learning to eat with my hands.

Cooking something in the pot I bought in June only to realize that sometime over the past 8 months, it developed two holes in it and can’t be used anymore. Now I’m learning how to do without a pot.

When it’s your birthday and you want a cake or to celebrate, you must pay for everything, after all, it is your day!

Learning how to greet people in eight different languages. And, learning the local handshake. And, knowing it is polite and expected to greet every single person you see, every single time!

When there is a celebration the culture is to invite yourself, if you wait to be invited, you will never go anywhere.

When visitors come to my flat, they ALWAYS ask for something (food, drink, pens, pencils, sweets, money, and the list goes on).

Kids always asking for “a dollar”, always.  (1 Namibian dollar is equal to about 6 American cents). I never give them one or I would be bombarded by kids!

Friends had a LARGE pet turkey named Koeloe. Koeloe got to roam the house. He died a few days after Christmas…sad day.

Negotiating with a combie driver about a ride somewhere, getting it all settled, then having to wait HOURS until he has the combie completely filled with passengers.

Not having any transportation so every time I go anywhere I go on foot. I walk more than you can imagine and think that when I leave, I will miss that part of this experience. I will not miss having to find “hikes” every time I have to travel outside of Aus.

That even in this dry country every now and then there is fog.

Flies…sigh! They are a constant source of irritation. When walking, they will fly around my face, I swat them away, they return immediately. Persistent little buggers. 

Thanks for reading…until next time!


As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal. ~ Robin S. Sharma