Feeling thankful

On my last full week of work at RMA, the senior class organized a surprise party for me during Advisory. We had a wonderful lunch while I got to read messages they posted to me on the schools electronic newspaper,  Eagle Examiner. WOW, I feel honored and thank each and every one of you. I am incredibly touched by your kind words.

I continue to be in awe of the students at RMA. They constantly amaze me by their love for one another, their respect for the teachers and administrators, their delightful personalities and their joy in life. They keep me young and I will miss them while I am on this adventure to Namibia. On that note, they made a poster for me that will be folded to go in my suitcase. Every student picture I have received will be added to the poster to decorate the wall in my hut or yurt or room or whatever space I will be inhabiting in Africa. The poster and pictures will be a constant reminder of the good times we have had…you never know, I might even get a picture posted on the blog!

The hardest part about being a college counselor is saying goodbye to the seniors every year. This year my goodbye’s are even harder because they are earlier than usual and I have to leave the junior class just when we are beginning to know each other better. I will miss connecting and helping them…

I will miss everyone (students, faculty, and administrators), and while this makes me sad, I am filled with anticipation for what lies ahead, hoping that I can find a worthwhile project to focus on during the next 27 months. I’m going to try to remember the words of Joe Plumeri as I learn to manage the days and months ahead…”You can't do passion halfway. Living your passion means you're all in. You trust your heart and trust your gut wherever that takes you” 

Let’s see if I can live up to it!